Die verrückte Welt der Hörnchen (WDR und ARTE)


Regie: Yann Sochaczewski

ALTAYFILM Coproduction with WDR, in cooperation with Arte, CuriosityStream, SVT and NRK.

Squirrels are among the most widely known and recognized mammals, in many parts of the world they gladly join us for our lunches in city parks, amaze us with their acrobatics and entertain our children as cartoon squirrels on TV. Squirrels live in an extraordinary diverse range of habitats, calling cities, deserts, mountains and the arctic their home. Some can fly, some can swim, some live in trees or underground, others love the snow or feel cozy in the hot deserts. From the biggest squirrel to the smallest, the diversity of these rodents is astounding. This blue-chip documentary will explore some of the most fascinating squirrel species worldwide and show how the squirrel family became so successful dealing with extreme environments and human neighbors. In funny and entertaining episodes we will experience what they all have in common and what makes them so special. “Going Nuts” will unveil the enchanting world of one of the most watched mammal on the planet.