„Beste Musik“ 2 Soundtracks für den ROSCAR AWARD nominiert…

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„Beste Musik“ 2 Soundtracks für den ROSCAR AWARD nominiert…

Große Freude: Gleich 2 meiner Soundtracks sind in der Kategorie „Beste Musik“ auf dem „Wild Talk Afrika“, einem der wichtigsten internationalen Naturfilmfestivals, nominiert.

Die nominierten sind:

„Die Nordsee – Unser Meer“



„Finnland“ aus der Serie „Wildes Skandinavien“

Wildes Skandinavien_klein

Die Preisverleihung findet am 25.07. auf dem International Filmfestival Durban/Südafrika statt

Drückt bitte alle die Daumen!!!


Die weiteren Nominierungen:

ROSCAR Finalists Announced

Wild Talk Africa is proud to announce and congratulate the ROSCAR finalists for 2013. This year the festival received a record breaking 445 entries from 32 countries; almost double compared with the 267 entries that were received in 2011 . With so many equisite productions submitted, we would like to congratualte the judges who had a momentual job in deciding the finalist nominations for the Roscars. Wild Talk Africa would like to thank all the entrants to who submitted films to this years festival and proves how natural history persists as a growing genre. The award winners will be announced at the ROSCAR Awards Ceremony on the 25th July 2013 in Durban.

The Music Award

Africa – Kalahari- BBC NHU

Wild Scandinavia – FINLAND- Gulo Film Productions

Secrets of the North Sea-Doclights GmbH / NDR Naturfilm

The Green Universe- Doclights GmbH / NDR Naturfilm

The Best Sound Design Award

Saving Rhino Phila– NHU Africa

Untamed Americas: Forest- National Geographic Television

The Silver of the Sea-Blåst Film AS

The Fir Tree- Lars Ostenfeld Film

The Cinematography Award

Natural World: Queen of the Savannah- BBC NHU

Wild Scandinavia – FINLAND-Gulo Film Productions

Life on Fire: The Surprise Salmon-Saint Thomas Productions

Africa – Kalahari- BBC NHU

The Limited Budget Award

Where the Wild Things Were- Amber Eames

Karona: Water That Runs Through Forest and Rock- Michael Schranner

Tales of a Sea Cow: A Mockumentary -Spierfilms

The Best Environmental Production Award

Saving Rhino Phila – NHU Africa

Superfish: Bluefin Tuna – Wild Logic LLC

War Elephants – National Geographic Television

The Expedition/Adventure Award

Around Iceland on Inspiration Ep 7 – Cooked in Africa Films

2 Wings, Many Prayers – Sabido Productions

Touching the Dragon – NHU Africa

The Short Film Award

Amazing Grace – Makhulu

Tuna – What’s in your Tin? – Parker Scott Media

The Fir Tree – Lars Ostenfeld Film

The Beauty of the Irrational – The African Attachment

The Best Presenter Award

Broken Tail – Crossing the Line Films

Queen of Tigers – Mike Birkhead Associate

Lucy Cooke’s Freaks & Creeps: Devil Island – National Geographic Television

The Editing Award

Wild West: High Noon – National Geographic Television

The Green Universe – Doclights GmbH / NDR Naturfilm

A Wild Dog’s Tale – Table Mountain Films

The Best Script Award

Life on Fire: The Surprise Salmon – Saint Thomas Productions

The Unlikely Leopard – Wildlife Conservation Films

Natural World: Queen of the Savannah – BBC Natural History Unit

Amazon Alive – Part 1: Jungle of the Mind – Light and Shadow GmbH

The Best Series Award

Africa – Kalahari & The Future – BBC NHU

Untamed America – Mountains & Desert – National Geographic Television

Danube – Europe’s Amazon: From the Black Forest to the Black Sea & Forest, Flood, Frost – ScienceVision Filmproduktions GmbH

The Best Newcomer Award

Where the Wild Things Were – Amber Eames

Tales of a Sea Cow: A Mockumentary – Etienne de France, Spierfilms

LIFE ON ICE: An Adventure to Remember – Refah Seyed Mahmoud

Bikpela Bagarap (Big Damage) – David Fedele

The Best African Production Award

Dino Fish – Earth Touch

2 Wings, Many Prayers – Sabido Productions

Shoreline Series II (2) Ep 7 – Homebrew Films

The Campaign Award

Amazing Grace – Makhulu

Hunt for the Tiger Slayers – Media Production Center Wildlife Conservation Society

There Will Always be Lions – Kira Godal

The 3D Award

You, Plant – an Exploration – Terra Mater Factual

Alien Deep: Fires of Creation – National Geographic Television

Dragons Feast – NHU Africa