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Facing death, terminally ill Parvis Karimpour (Ramin Yazdani) wants to reconcile with his daughter Nasrin. He and his fellow African travellers are dumped from a boat by the Spanish coast at dawn. He makes his way to Madrid where he believes his only child, who fled from Iran years ago, may now live.
Finding shelter in a city which is battered by the economic crisis, Parvis meets two other struggling migrants. The Italian Fabrizio (Christian Concilio), a failed piano player, survives on odd cleaning jobs. Spoilt young German Almut (Pheline Roggan), on the other hand, has followed her boyfriend to Madrid. Looking for a direction in life she dreams of opening a jewellery shop.
The search for Nasrin becomes their common quest. Parvis regains hope, while his newfound optimism snaps Fabrizio and Almut out of their lethargy. Following a new clue the unlikely threesome set off northwards in Almut’s car.

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Last year Henrik Peschel, winner of Montblanc Script Award 2010 at Filmfest Hamburg, shot this drama about a Persian fugitive in the old town of Madrid. The current Spanish economic crisis was felt every day during filming, influencing everyone on the set. The seven languages spoken in "Si-o-se Pol" show the real diversity of immigration in Europe in 2012.
Peschel cast the main roles with successful German cinema actors Ramin Yazdani (“Iron Sky”) and Pheline Roggan (“Soul Kitchen”). The supporting roles feature experienced Spanish actors like Abdelatif Hwidar (Goya prize winner 2008). Director of photography Kristian Leschner was part of the crew which won the most prestigious German TV prize “Grimme-Preis” in 2012 and 2013 for “Der Tatortreiniger”.

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